Top 10 High Paying Jobs in the Philippines for 2013

Top 10 High Paying Jobs in the Philippines for 2013


Top 10 High Paying Jobs

Who would have thought that the number one spot in the Top 10 high paying jobs in the Philippines, as announced by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), would be an Art Director, earning 69,286 pesos per month?

According to the Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, the high paying jobs list can serve as a guide for graduating students in choosing which career they’ll likely pursue. She also mentioned that it would be better to choose a career that will lead to┬áemployment┬árelated to the current demand of jobs in the Philippines.

The top 10 high paying jobs in the Philippines are based on the latest studies conducted by the BLE or Bureau of Local Employment. The list includes those from banking, aviation, BPOs, cyber services, mining and more. Some of these jobs need a bachelor’s degree, while others need to have only a high school diploma.

The Top 10 High Paying Jobs in the Philippines for 2013

Art director P69,286
Geologist P64,889
Aircraft pilot/ navigator/ flight engineer P57,789
Mining engineer/ metallurgical engineer P55,638
Computer programmer P43,573
Systems analyst/ systems designer P42,112
Production supervisor/ general foreman P36,133
Actuarian P35,480
Call center representative/ customer service associate P35,424
Statistician P35,010

The top 10 occupations have been determined through the identification of median monthly basic pay and median monthly allowances of time-rate workers on full-time basis in non-agricultural establishments employing at least 20 persons in 65 industry groups within the Philippines, Baldoz said.


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