PRC Online Registration: How to Register Online?

PRC Online Registration: How to Register Online?


So, you’ve passed the your PRC licensure examinations. Congratulations! After the celebrations, the next step would be to register as a professional. Here are the steps on how to register online using PRC’s Online Registration System:

1. On your scheduled date of registration, bring the following:

  • Printed Oath Form (printable and downloadable here). Oath Forms need NOT to be notarized.
  • One (1) documentary stamp (can be bought at the PRC office)
  • One (1) 1×1 picture in plain background with complete name tag (for Registry of Professionals)
  • Current Community Tax Certificate (cedula)

2. Proceed directly to the cashier to pay the prescribed fee

Registration Fee (in PhP) Annual Fee (in PhP) Total Amount
Baccalaureate (except for Maritime Professions) 600 450 1050
Non-Baccalaureate 450 420 870
Marine Deck/Engineer Officers 600 750 1350

At the central office, the cashier’s windows are located at the 3rd, 4th, 5th floors at the PRC Annex Building or at the ground floor of the PRC Main Building.

3. After payment, proceed to the venue for the signing of the registration book as announced in this website. You must sign personally to the roster.

4. You may choose to have your license mailed or for pick-up during a given schedule. Inform the PRC office about this.

5. While on the PRC Office, you can also avail other services like: obtaining a Certificate of Board Passing, Certificate of Board Rating, and etc.

Tips during registration

  1. Come early during the set registration schedule.
  2. Wear the prescribed attire. No shorts, revealing shirts, etc.
  3. If you got married and would want to file a petition for a change of name, click here.


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