24 Photos of Janet Lim Napoles on Jokes and Memes

24 Photos of Janet Lim Napoles on Jokes and Memes

Janet Napoles

Janet Lim Napoles, the alleged mastermind of the P10-billion peso pork barrel scam, is the butt of jokes and memes online. Netizens poke fun on the much talked about issue through shopped pictures and memes.

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Some of which are blunt funny while most might move make you fall on your seat while laughing. Here are some of the funniest memes about Janet Lim Napoles.

1. Musta nakaw mo?

Janet Napoles  (5)

2. No wonder the NBI couldn’t find her.

Janet Napoles  (6)

3. Bravo to your cosmetic surgeon

Janet Napoles  (19)
Courtesy of BV Patrol

4. Possible new looks of Janet Lim Napoles

Janet Napoles  (22)

5. Birds of the same feather…ends in the same wheelchair

Janet Napoles  (1)

6. But her wheelchair is a made by Louis Vuitton 

Napoles in Wheelchair

7. Napoles as a lechon baboy? 

Janet Napoles  (4)

8. Janet Napoles caught during Bagyong Maring

Janet Napoles  (21)

9. Napoles to counter PNoy’s bounty of P10-million pesos

Janet Napoles  (17)

10. Now who’s the pig and who’s the minion? 

Janet Napoles  (8)

11. What the Palace doesn’t want you to know that PNoy actually caught Napoles. Here’s the proof!

Janet Napoles  (3)

12. ‘Actual’ conversation during her surrender

Janet Napoles  (2)

13. New deductions for employees courtesy of Janet Napoles

Janet Napoles  (20)

14. Actual “mug shots” of Napoles

Janet Napoles  (18)

15. Janet Lim Napoles surrenders due to reward money? 

Janet Napoles  (16)

16. Janet Napoles, kumanta na! 

Janet Napoles  (15)

17. Bembol Roco senses something…

Janet Napoles  (14)

18. We’d like to have the reward please…

Janet Napoles  (13)

19. For those who are wanting the reward money, too bad for you guys! 

Janet Napoles  (12)

20. Even FPJ gives say on issue! 

Janet Napoles  (11)

21. Something is fishy…

Janet Napoles  (10)

22. Brother of Janet Napoles, Reynaldo Lim…

Janet Napoles  (9)

23. First “four-chair turn” from the judges!

Janet Napoles  (7)

24. Oh and lastly, have you seen the newest Philippine money?

Janet Napoles


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  1. Just cant imagine some person has the ability the capability of doing this to their OWN FELLOW MAN.To eat dine feast on other peoples sweat and blood is there no FEAR of GOD are they truly HUMAN? Do they have CONSCIENCE…And there are lots of More Janet Lim Napoles.How about the Sons Daughter Brother it seems its all in their FAMILY.They were all rich as I saw them….

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