Patrick Garcia, Nikka Martinez with newborn daughter Chelsea

Patrick Garcia, Nikka Martinez with newborn daughter Chelsea

Patrick Garcia, Nikka Martinez with newborn daugther
SMART PARENTING. Patrick Garcia, Nikka Martinez with newborn daugther. Image via Smart Parenting Magazine's FB page

Kapamilya actor Patrick Garcia said that his newborn daughter to his non-showbiz girlfriend, Nikka Martinez, has changed him for the better.

This time in real life, the 32-year-old TV star admitted that his latest role as a new father took some time getting used to, in an interview with Smart Parenting magazine in its October 2013 issue.

“We were just typical, selfish kids before all this, so it’s a total lifestyle change,” Garcia said, referring to him and his non-showbiz girlfriend, Nikka Martinez.

The couple welcomed their first child, Chelsea,  in March which according to the actor strengthened his relatively young relationship with Martinez.

“Before Chelsea came into our lives, medyo magulo, parang bata lang kami, away nang away, or lakwatsa lang. Chelsea gave us focus, nagkadireksyon kami,” he said.

The “Annaliza” actor also revealed that he hasn’t had a night out in more than a year now.

Martinez, meanwhile, also said that the actor pitches in his fair share of parenting responsibilities despite other commitments.

“I’m thankful because no matter how tired he is, even if he comes home from a 24-hour taping, he really does his part. He’ll cuddle her, put her to sleep,” said Martinez.

Martinez referred to Garcia as the “cool head” in the relationship. She said he manages to keep his calm even during times when both she and Chelsea would break into tears.

“During the first month, there were times na ayaw niyang [Chelsea] tumigil ng kakaiyak! Umiiyak na rin ako! Palakasan kami ng iyak,” shared Martinez.

“Patrick hasn’t broken down and cried pa naman,” she added.

Wedding soon

Tthough they haven’t set a date yet, the couple are definitely planning to wed in the near future.

“I am very upfront with him, like ‘O, ano, are you going to marry me ba?’ And I get reassurance from what he tells me,” Martinez said.

Presently, the couple has their hands full with Chelsea. Garcia said he is steadily learning to become a better father and partner, which he credits to the responsibility of raising a daughter.

“I think that Nikka and I, we’re both growing up along with Chelsea. And I guess, that’s the best thing,” said Garcia.

Garcia also has a son with former girlfriend, actress Jennylyn Mercado. He is known for his portrayals in the acclaimed dramas “Madrasta” and “Separada.”


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