NQESH January 2013 Examination Results & Top 10

NQESH January 2013 Examination Results & Top 10


The Department of Education released on Wednesday, the results of the January 2013 National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH).

UPDATE: For the 2014 results, please see DepEd NQESH January 2014 Results, Passers and Top 10

A total of 14,567 test takers took the NQESH while only 1,454 met the cut-off score of percentile 90.

Below are the results of the examination and the top 10 examinees.

Top 10 Examinees of the January 2013 NQESH

The top 10 examinees who garnered the 10 highest scores.

Name Region Percentile Rank
Judith D. Baclig II 99.99
William Roderick R. Fallorin III 99.97
Ma. Criselda G. Ocang I 99.94
Rogelio P. De Guzman I 99.92
Elvis M. Nacional I 99.92
Nerissa R. Lomeda NCR 99.92
Rommel O. Casabar I 99.90
Lani F. Anito XII 99.90
Carina C. Untalasco I 99.85
Mary Grace A. Flores I 99.82
Bernardo Cristino P. Altamira IV-A 99.82

Results of the NQESH 2013

Below are the results for the NQESH January 2013. Click on the full-screen button to enlarge the document.

Only those who got the percentile of 90 and above passed the exam.

More information about the NQESH

The NQESH examination was originally scheduled to be given on November 11, 2012 but it was then moved to January 6, 2013. Unfortunately, NEAP cannot reproduce on time the test materials and answer sheets, hence the date was moved last January 20, 2013.

NQESH is a principalship exam which will be the basis for selecting competent school heads to serve in public schools. The main qualifications is that the applicants must have at least five years of aggregate experience as a head teacher, teacher-in-charge, master teacher and/or teacher III. The examination has 240 items which is answerable within four hours and is divided in two parts.

The NQESH is administered as a mechanism in selecting competent school heads to ensure that only highly-qualified educators will be posted as principal.

NQESH 2013 will cover the following dimensions of school leadership:

  1. School Leadership;
  2. Instructional Leadership;
  3. Creating a Learning Climate;
  4. Professional Human Resource Development;
  5. Parent Involvement in Building Communities;
  6. School Management and Daily Operations;
  7. Personal Integrity and Interpersonal Sensitivity;
  8. English Language Proficiency; and
  9. Reading Comprehension.

Congratulations to all the passers!


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  2. We must all be patient enough to wait for the NQESH Results. Anyway, these will be released as long as these will be available. Don’t be so excited. We knew much, GOD will make our ways. GOOD LUCK to all NQESH examinees!!!

  3. I just hope for the best!!!God will make a way.God knows what’s best for all of us. I really hope that the result will be so soon. We all hope to pass the test, however very few will be given a chance. Lord thy will be done! May you allow your Divine Providence to hear my petition. Whatever happen-Thank you Lord!

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  8. sana may oath taking talaga lahat mga passsers…para naman very symbolic ang dating…what do you think guys? kc I am wondering why wala talaga oath taking…yung simple but worth remembering or an affair to remember ba kc hindi biro na makakuha ng 90%…hope DepEd and NEAP will consider my suggestion. Thanks.

  9. excuse po..paano po ba malalaman na pasado na..kapag ung raw score po ba eh 90 and above? o sa percentile rank po?kindly reply..please asap.

  10. is this the result of the NQESH 2013? ‘Coz when you zoom in the page, it’s marked as 2012 NQESH…which is which?

  11. The percentile rank of a score is the percentage of scores in its frequency distribution that are the same or lower than it. Score is the result of the exam. The one who posted the result should have known the difference, in order not to confuse people.

      • Oh! Really, I’m laughable??? Then that means that you didn’t get my point. I’m just trying to recommend improvements on this post in order to avoid further confusion, because you see, not all are as smart as you, so they can be confused by “percentile ranking” and “score” because just what I have said before the two things are different. Now if you were not confused by the results then good for you, but I was just pointing out a slight mistake for the benefit of other people. Further, you not getting my point is more laughable than for a person like me, issuing his concerns, since I’m just expressing my right to freedom of speech and expression as guaranteed by our constitution.

      • Kudos and Thank you for editing it! I’d like to apologize for my earlier tirades, after viewing it now I have realized that somehow I went overboard and used unreasonable words. I was just carried out by my passion and disappointment since I was confused with the word “score” and for that reason I have made a mistake of informing my friends that they all passed the exam when in truth only half of them were able to make it, and I made my friends who didn’t make it feel bad and I have to apologize for my mistake. So I thought it would be deemed as proper if I air some concerns about it in order to improve the post and to avoid further confusion, but I guess some of the words are too much. Again, pardon me and thank you for editing the post.

  12. Further, the one who created this post should have known the distinction between percentile rank and score, considering that two are completely different things. The fact that they’re lazy enough to create an organized and systematic data base for the results, saying that the “ones who pass have the score of 90″ are quite confusing, they should have stated that the ones who pass have the percentile ranking of over 90,” since such statements just add to the ambiguous nature of the data base for the results. The data base is very confusing since they mixed those who failed and those who passed. What a bunch lazy tards! Tsk, how disappointing.

      • @ Passer and @Mark…Failed??? That’s out of question…as a matter of fact, I’m not part of the Department of Education so there’s no way that I’m going to fail this exam. My point is, they should have made a more organized way of presenting those who failed and those who passed, if they can established a high standard of 90% passing rate then they should also comply with a high standard system, in order to avoid any vagueness in the presentation of the exam results. I was just voicing my concern on this matter. Because if PRC and the Supreme Court can release better data base for their exam results, I believe that the Department Education as the primary educational institution should do so. Come to think of it, what’s the point of mixing the results, they could just plainly put those who passed, I was just saying that they’re just lazy to filter the results and that’s what disappoints me. For the record, some of my friends were able to pass the exam but some of them failed this (and they were confused by the results, so I can’t just keep mum on how they present the results. We’re living in a democratic country, and as such by virtue of the freedom of speech and expression explicitly guaranteed by the 1987 constitution, I believe that I have the right to voice out certain issues which I might believe may help provide a better way of delivering services to the general public. If you can’t get my point, either you slumber on your rights by ignoring it or you don’t care at all. Further, it doesn’t mean that just because you passed this exam that you will not or will be afraid to point out certain technical irregularities. Remember that this exam has something to do with “SCHOOL LEADERSHIP,” so if you can find certain details that needs improvement, what one must do is to air your concerns so that it will be check, because that’s one of the exemplary way of showing true “LEADERSHIP,” by not overlooking simple things and trying to recommend ways to fix it. There is a slight mistake on the way this post this results and I believe that they should improve it next time.

  13. The way they post the results is disappointing in the sense that it did not specify the ones who passed or the ones who failed. They should have indicated it in order to avoid confusion. Looks like who ever did the data base was just a lazy tard.

  14. Thank you Lord! I made it! Thank you din po sa SMPH, malaki naitulong ng reviewer nila.Good luck po sa mga gustong mag try uli.God bless!

  15. to NEAP:only 10% or below pa ang nkapsa sa exam,pwede po ba babaan nman kht 80% ang passing rate.sobrang hirap po ng exam tpos antaas pa ng passing rate.please try to balance naman po.just like the bar result 2013.from 75% to 70%.sna namn nkita nyo nman ang dami ng ngtake and dami ng nafail.sana bgyan u ng chance makapasok ang mga tlgang abot namn sa kalahati ng total no.of items.or 75-80% man lng.salamat po.

    • to Deped/NEAP who managed the NQESH please lower to atleast 80% pr the passing rate….If the passing rate of Bar Exam (for Law) reduced to 70% from 75% why not for school heads’ exam?please hear and listen to our request…kindly consider this…

    • tama…sa akin isang point lang.hnd nga pumasa..bka my isang kulang pa sa akin ung ang paniniwala ko..sana sa susunud pumasa n ako…

  16. bakit wala pa result? naka post na sa deped website c top ten pero c listing kan passers wala naman. saan po ba maoopen ito? tnx.

  17. Ang galing talaga ng kumpare Rommel Casabar ko,top 7 sa NQESH, Im praying that isa rin ako sa 1457 na nakapasa ngayong 2013

  18. Only 1454 of the 14567 ( less than 10% ) met the 90 % cut-off score. .We are excited to see the complete lists. Only the top 10 are posted as of this time. Goodluck be with my co-teachers!!!!!!!!!

    • first week ng april pa next week all passers will be posted……sana tayo ay nakasabay pra naman ma promote na……

  19. na post na po ang result, top ten pa nga lang, wala pa ang full list of Passers, good luck sa mga nakapasa, congratulations

  20. hoooy EUFRECINA PANGANIBAN! kung totoo mang pumasa ka, i post mo yung website kung saan makikita yung result. Wag yung ikaw lang may alam! Selfish mo teh?! bakit? kung ikaw lang makakaalam na pumasa ka feeling mo ikaw ang maging Principal sa lahat ng schools sa Pilipinas?? BAKA GUSTO MO PUMALIT KAY SEC. LUISTRO? That’s UNPROFESSIONAL OF YOU! YOU DON’T DO THAT TO US!!!

    • Seriously, are you one of this batch’s examinees, aiming to be a school principal? Or just a bitter net troll? I frankly don’t understand why you should call Ms Eufrocina Panganiban unprofessional and selfish just because she said she passed way ahead of time among the rest. Neither does it mean that she’s replacing the Secretary because she didn’t tell from which site she had seen her name as one of the passers. She did, 94.74.

      It’s just as well that the passing rate is 90 and above. Nobody wants a principal who speaks or acts or writes like a “kanto girl / boy tambay”.

  21. Lord i trust in you, pls. grant my fervent prayers to pass my NQESH and to all my friends too, Holy spirit thank you for everything , for the guidance and wisdom you have bestowed to us during our exam. Thank you Lord amen.

    • same wishes i trust GOD i know He is merciful for those who work hard in his/her duties an obligation as school head.GOD pls…have mercy on us.

  22. Elmer M. Paule of AE$ Division of Pampanga….God’s will I know I can make it this….Congratz…to all..Examinees from Pampanga…

  23. i always ask and pray to the Lord that, hopefully im one of the lucky passers of this year’s NQESH 2013. This is for you Daddy!

  24. good day! hopefully, your good office could be able to release the 2013 nqesh results tomorrow afternoon, march 25, 2013 after it was being signed by the DepEd Secretary! thanks.

  25. The National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH) was done last January 20, 2013. The results of the NQESH January 2013 will soon be posted.

  26. soon wil be posted na daw ….bago matapos ang march baka lng matpos ang march ha malalaman na natin ang result so mga kadabarkads dont loose your hope kung papasa salamat kung hindi be thankful pra makapaghanda muli sa sususnod na exam

  27. good day po! Ask me lang po why super tagal naman ng release ng pa exam nyo ng nqesh last jan.20? grabe naman kabagal. naturingang computerized na tayo ngayon but until now wala pa rin. Hope you can release the result tomorrow before end of the day! Also, the passing rate will be lowered to at least 80% man lamang. t.y.po!

  28. As i was opening this website, my heart beats so fast so i thought the result is already available and i was hoping to see my name as one of the passers.

  29. Hopefully, Neap Officials will also reduce the Neap Passing rate this time, like the recent Bar examination whose passing rate is reduced from 75 %to 70%.

  30. Hopefully Neap Officials will also reduce the passing rate this time, like the recent Bar Examination whose passing rate is reduced form 75% to 70%…

  31. still waiting for the nqesh result….hoping that my name is included in the list of passers….:to GOD be the glory

  32. Eufrecina panganiban…. totoo po ba na may result na ang NQESH? Saan po makikita? Pls reply naman…….!

  33. Our examiner told us that we can check the result of nqesh 2013 in the internet 10th day of March but until now we cant find the result.

  34. wow! another day of waiting for the results ……. when will it stops??? its GOD’s PLAN let us not lost hope …maski san-o basta sigurado na pasado….dire mao

  35. changeable dates of NQESH examination; similar effect to the release of results… kaawatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt man man daw so-on!!!!!!………. sorry i was carried away by my sentiments

  36. Halos araw-araw na akong magnenet para tingnan result ng nqesh since march 10 hanngang ngayon wala pa, kaya kailan nyo ipopost ung result mga kinauukulan sana nakapasa ako . . . . . . . .

  37. kelan ba ipopost mga kinauukulan pls sana nkapasa na din ako . . . God pls help me i believe in your powers sana im one of those who passed the test. . . .thanks for everything

  38. Ang tagal nman ng result sabi ng NEAP march 10. baka nman mauna pa ang result ng LET na ginawa ng March 10.Na ha high blood na ako sa kahihintay.

  39. marami na ang naghihintay ng result …. lalo na ang mga nag exam wg na po sanang patagalin ang paghihintay nila……

  40. everyday i found myself in front of my laptop, browsing the net….hoping that finally the NQESH result is posted; however the waiting seems to cohort patience and prayers from us who took the exam…help us LORD to have these much…

  41. it was announced during the test (Region I) that the result will be released on the 10th of March, but its almost a week past now, and no result yet..i know I have a very slim chance to passed but at least, if it will be posted, we takers will have to make decisions now and maybe preparation again for the next test… nakakanerbiyos yung araw araw na paghihintay at pagbubukas ng net…

  42. ang tagallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll nkkpagod mghintay

  43. Thy will be done Lord…i trust in Your wisdom. If it is Your will to let me pass the exam, the glory is forever Yours, but if it is not for me, I know You have a better plan for me.

  44. according to NEAP personnel the results of Qualifying Exam for Principals Held last Jan 20 will be released hopefully within this month of March 2013.

  45. How could I obtain the result of NQESH 2013? Can you give me a link so that I can easily search the result of the latest NQESH 2013? Thanks a lot for your website which is highly informative….and I will surely like it in my facebook…….again…thanks….can you send it in my e-mail address aldrich dukemagda@yahoo.com or just send in my globe number 09354948207

  46. hi po!kelan na ba talaga ang releas result ng exam last jan. 20? sana mai post nyo rin o ma i publish sa newspaper ang result ng mga passers para naman tlaga ma – recognize ang mga passers nito.t.y.po

  47. i just would like to know why they have to ask how many vacant positions are there in our divission, will it be the basis on determining how many will they pass?

  48. i know that it’s God’s will that I will pass the exam…thank you Lord in advance…all my prayers are all answered….

  49. Lord, I know that you helped me a lot when I took the exam. Hope pasado po ako, because alam na po ninyo iyong reason.

  50. basta bago matapos ang 2013 lalabas din yan……wag kayong mainip na kagaya ko hohohohoho….just relax , take it easy…..

  51. Maraming salamat sa mga kaibigan sa Roma, Germany at sa iba’t ibang panig ng Pilipinas naghandog ng petition mass noong Jan. 20. Gayun din sa aking mga kanayon na nag novena. I’ll do my best kapag nakapasa ako para sa aming paaralan at pamayanan.

  52. Relax lng tayo mga kapwa ko schoolheads. God’s plan is always perfect. He knows what is best for us. Kaya ako i wil just say ” makakapasa na ako!!”it s His will for me. Gudluck and enjoy God

  53. Oh God, umaasa po ako na ako’y makakapasa dito. Alam ko pong tinuruan nyo ako noong nag exam, kaya umaasa po ako na makakapasa. Excited na po ang aking pamiya, co-teachers and the community. Thanks God!

  54. NQESH result is supposed to be posted today March 10, 2013 accdg. to our room examiner and yet why is it till now we are still plundering at the midst of darkness pls. post it, we need to know the results as soon as possible

  55. God l know ur plan 4me…ds exam s d ultimate way o n selecting d best and qualified principal what erver is it alam q ang ibg mong mangyri s profession and dream q

  56. mag halat lang ta padangat ko kamu hohohohohohohoho, matuto tayong maghintay……..ang hindi makapaghintay…wag matulog .

  57. lets all wait for the result as much as we wanted wala pa talaga anyway if we pass its r destiny …GOODLUCK fellow aspirants

  58. LORD Sana chance ko na rin sana time ko na rin ngayon na maipasa itong test na ito please help me LORD and thanks for everything. . . . .

  59. wala pa bang result??ang tagal naman..ngayon ung nkaschedule na labas ng mga reslut ahh..bakit wala pa eh halos matapos na araw na to ha..

  60. please post the result of the exam i prayed to God every now and then that i can pass this exam .hoping that my name will be included in the list.thanks

    • dis s dolores e.macalinao,maari po bang ang passing na RAW SCORE is 152,KAz ang percentile rank s 89.70 rounded to 90% para kasali ako sa list of passer.

  61. hintayijn lang natin..malapit na talaga ang result…me too im so excited of the result…sana isa ang pangalan ko sa nakapasa…hehehe

  62. I hope the agony of waiting for the result will be over soon….I am hoping that i could be given the chance to pass it…God bless us all

  63. Oh Lord. Let me pass this exam. Chance ko na po ito to become an administrator. Bakante na ang Principal item sa amin. Para naman hindi masayang pagiging MAEd ko. Promise susundan ko ang tuwid na landas.

  64. Good evening. Ask ko lang po when ang release ng result ng NQESH? Thanks po and God bless us all.

  65. Hi Mr. Coolteacher! Im happy to see u again. Thanks for the reviewer u sent me, it was a great help for me to pass the qualifying exam for principal i got 95.15% for my second attempt.

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