Netizens react on Miss Philippines Ariella Arida’s national costume

Netizens react on Miss Philippines Ariella Arida’s national costume

Netizens react on Miss Philippines Ariella Arida's national costume
NETIZENS' VOICE. Netizens react on Miss Philippines Ariella Arida's national costume.

The recently concluded National Costume Show in Miss Universe 2013 held at Vegas Mall in Moscow, Russia drew mixed reactions from Filipino netizens after witnessing Ariella Arida’s national costume.

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In the show, each country exhibited its supposed best national costume giving the viewers something new to eye as compared to the previous shows ing the recent pageants. Colorful peacock costumes were worn by the Latinas and others amused the viewers and judges with their magnificent and splashy detailed costumes.

Miss Philippines’ Terno costume

The Philippines’ bet Ariella Arida, on the other hand, has sticked with the usual Terno costume worn by previous Filipina beauties in the pageant.

Miss Philippines Ariella Arida National Costume
MISS PHILIPPINES! Ariella Arida wears a simple yet elegant Filipiniana Terno costume. Image courtesy of OPMB FB page.

WATCH: Ariella Arida greets fans on National Costume competition

Being one of the frontrunners in the pageant, Arida is expected to wear a more stylistic, creative and whimsical costume that is new to the eyes of the people. However, Miss Philippines followed the country’s great historical legacy by wearing the simple yet elegant and embracing Filipiniana Terno.

The costume, meanwhile, was reportedly designed by Stella Araneta, the pageant Director and Organizer of Binibining Pilipinas.

Arida’s get up obviously drew mixed reactions from her followers on different networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Below are some of comments about Miss Philippines’ national costume.

Evangeline Rivas: national costume ang pinag usapan mga ate?????,,,,hindi tribal costume…isip isip din pag may time…dhil sa panahon ngaun marami nang kababaihan ang nakakalimot sa maria clara dress…sa obserbisyon ko sa mga comments marami mga lalaki nagagandahan sa nc ni ara at maraming mga babae ang todo disagree…

The real….PHILIPPINE national costume…Gandaaaaaaa!

Katrina Beltran Escobar: I think it’s SIMPLE and elegant…and that’s what filipinos are..we are simple people. There’s no need to go all crazy with the national costumes. I think Ara’s saving grace is her beauty..and the top part of the dress is nice..the bottom part is kind of like janine’s gown the pleaded bottom, but it’s gold instead of blue. Also I heard that it’s more better in motion when Ara is we shouldn’t judge too much. Ara also got one of the loudest applause too.’s not about what you’s HOW YOU WEAR IT! Remember what Janine did last year? the dress wasn’t the best, but she worked it! Ara can do the same thing…she’ll bring it in the prelims!!

Emer Son: Honestly! ang ganda nya,. National costume po ito not Costplaying ..
napag usapan na naman ang MISS PHILIPPINES!

Allene Garcia Nanag: Wowwwwwwwwww….yan ba ang sabi na pangit ang Natcos..yan ang panalo simple yet super beautiful lalo nadala nia ng maayos…Filipina beauty…goodluck Ms Philippines

Weng Abecia-Bayron: This is modesty and beauty in combination. Gandang pinay. I wonder why other dress up like going to colsplay, street party or the worse like a stripper to get noticed. National customes tell about culture and Ara made it right. MABUHAY!

Alfie Justo Dela Cruz: Yan ang totoong maganda kahit parang hindi sinukat yung NC still maganda parin at elegant nasa pagdadala yan! Kay kayo tignan niyu ang natural na ganda ni ara a very simple!

Mhadz Binalay Bagguatan: ….GNYAN TLGA ANG FILIPINIANA COSTUME…SIMPLE LNG…..pinapakta dto ang pagkapinay.hind ang hubog ng ktawan

Angelo E. Lanuza: Mabuti na lang hindi parang sirkera ang suot ni Miss Philippines , kaparis ng karamihan. UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE!

Edwin Maghanoy Daguman: very elegant with a touch of class

Edmar Coladilla: guys sometimes kailangan din natin maunawaan kung bakit iyan ang ginamit na national costume ng pilipinas ….diba pinagusapan nanaman sya ibig sabihin dapat laging may paraan para mapansin ang pilipinas…ibig sabihin kahit hindi sya kasing ganda ng national costume ng iba ang mahalga ,,,,kayang kaya niyang dalhin at mapansin ang kanyang kagandahan….o diba kahit tayo napansin natin agad eh di lalo na sa rushia….go philippines mabuhay….

Surprising costume of Miss USA

Miss USA Erin Brady appeared to be the head turner of the event after wearing a futuristic, Transformers-inspired costume which drew positive feedback from pageant followers.

Meanwhile, Brady also took on Twitter to express her thoughts  and how the crowd applauded about her national costume. “Nothing screams national costume like the first Miss USA transformer. Embracing powerful women in a transforming country that’s made up of so much. That’s what Miss USA means to me,” she tweeted after the event.

Some users were amazed and impressed with USA’s national costume. “Wow this is different and original, LIKE,” one user said. “Its better than all the Boring usa national costumes so far,” another fan commented.

However, not everyone was pleased with the idea and started throwing straight critics. “Worst national costume ever.” one user said. “WTF! what the hell were you thinking!its miss universe not miss Halloween,” another disappointed follower reacted.


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