Miss World Philippines 2013 Question & Answer | Video

Miss World Philippines 2013 Question & Answer | Video

Top 5 Candidates of Miss World Philippines
Top 5 Candidates of Miss World Philippines

The Miss World Philippines 2013 has been named together with the list of winners and runners-up! And if you have missed the televised broadcast of GMA 7 or have slept and tired of sitting through the long commercial breaks, here’s a recap of the question and answer portion of the top 5 candidates.

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Top 5 Candidates of Miss World Philippines
The top 5 candidates of Miss World Philippines L to R: #18 Omarie Linn Osuna, #10 Janicel Lubina, #20 Megan Young, #5 Zahra Saluda and #19 Bianca Paz. Photo courtesy of OPMB Worldwide

“Why do you want to be Miss World Philippines?” is the question that has to be answered by the top 5 candidates namely: #10 Janicel Lubina, #5 Zahra Saluda, #19 Bianca Paz, #18 Omarie Linn Osuna and #20 Megan Young.

The question was given by Miss World 2012 Yu Wenxia via video. Since there is only one question, the top 5 were isolated backstage and cannot hear anything from there.

#5 Zahra Saluda

“When I was 10 years old, I told my parents I wanted to become part of the United Nations. Why? Because I want to be an Ambassadress of Goodwill. Even before this competition, I have done many charities and I intend to continue them even after whether I win or lose. So being part of Miss World Philippines and winning as Miss World Philippines will allow me to help even more children and hopefully you will give me that privilege and honor and that responsibility, and I am willing to accept it wholeheartedly. Thank you very much and have a good evening.”

#10 Janicel Lubina

“I would like to be Miss World Philippines because I will be an effective Miss World Philippines.
Because I would like to unite physical beauty with that beauty that has a charitable heart. I’d like to be a credible pilgrim… bringing a message of hope, perseverance and determination to the world. Know people can relate with my humble beginnings that poverty is not a hindrance to reach one’s dreams. Encouraging everyone that beauty is not just the physical but also the time to give one’s self to others , that’s the essence of Miss World: beauty with a purpose, beauty and giving. Thank you!”

#18 Omarie Linn Osuna

“Well, I wanna be Miss World Philippines because I think I am ready and I have what it takes: a beautiful face, a beautiful body, and a strong heart that is willing to give and serve others. And I also believe that I am ready to represent our country in Indonesia and finally take home that crown of Miss World 2013. That is all thank you.”

#19 Bianca Paz

“Well, I have been through many things in the last few years, I have been faced with a lot of different challenges and through all this I realize how blessed I truly am. And I’ve realized and decided that I its about time to give back and I just couldn’t think of a better place to do it than Miss World Philippines. Thank you!”

#20 Megan Young

“A Miss World Philippines is selfless, and to be selfless you need the heart. And if I become Miss World Philippines, I would pour my heart and my soul into helping others which is Miss World is: beauty and giving. Thank you.”

Candidates #20 Megan Young and #10 Janicel Lubina received the loudest cheers after stating their answers.


Miss World Philippines 2013 Question & Answer | Video

The video is now uploaded! Please watch below:

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