List of priority courses in the Philippines according to CHEd

List of priority courses in the Philippines according to CHEd

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The Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) has come up with a list of “priority courses” in the Philippines to drive college students toward degrees that the labor market needs.

The newly identified priority courses include fields in Natural Sciences, Psychology, Mathematics, Accountancy, Information Technology, Health Science and Social Work.

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The priority courses were identified based on the national development plans, manpower demands for 2011-2015. The list was also based on the labor market study of the Department of Labor and Employment that identified the in-demand and hard-to-fill jobs.

List of priority courses for SY 2015 to 2016 according to CHEd


mechanical, electronics, communication, metallurgical, mining, computer, biomedical, chemical, geodetic, electrical, meteorological, and geological

Agriculture and related fields

agro-forestry, veterinary medicine, agricultural engineering, agribusiness/management, agricultural entrepreneurship, agri-tech, agriculture, fisheries

Health Sciences

pharmacy, radiology technology, medical technology


Education major in math, science, physics, chemistry, reading, English, educational media/technology and special education (SPED)

Information Technology

information technology and computing studies, multi media, animation, programming, computer science and information system management

Science and Math

BS Math, BS Science and BS Physics


Arts and Humanities; Atmospheric Science; and Environmental Science.



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