‘Kim Chiu’ KalokaLike in It’s Showtime (Video)

‘Kim Chiu’ KalokaLike in It’s Showtime (Video)


For those who were able the catch episodes of It’s Showtime’s segment “KalokaLike”, you might be looking for Charmae Viking who made an impersonation of Kim Chiu.

Charmae Viking had the hosts of the show mesmerized and throw good comments about her perfect copying of Kim Chiu’s gestures, demeanor and also having a similar physique as the actress.

For her talent portion, she re-enacted a scene from “Ina, Kapatid, Anak” and performed a dance number inspired by one of Kim Chiu’s “Kering-Keri”.

She won the Saturday’s edition of KalokaLike together with an impersonator of Jinkee Pacquiao.


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