John Prats punched thrice by Jason Francisco

John Prats punched thrice by Jason Francisco


Actor John Prats was allegedly hit by comedian and ex-PBB housemate Jason Francisco during rehearsals for Banana Split show on Thursday.


John was reportedly hit thrice by Jason on his cheek and chin.

Jason came from behind when he suddenly hit John. John did not know why he hit him.

“Hindi ko alam kung bakit niya ako biglang sinapak. Para akong nakakita ng demonyo,” John stated.

John’s father, his manager and girlfriend Isabel Oli rushed to the Music Museum upon learning of the incident.

Jason Francisco, on the other hand, was met by executives of the program, along with girlfriend Melai Cantiveros on a closed-doors meeting.

Jason admitted being angered by the jokes of the “Banana Split” cast directed at him and former girlfriend Melai Cantiveros.

In related news, the manager of John Prats is set to file charges against Jason Francisco.


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