Jeane Napoles’ posh lifestyle triggers online rage

Jeane Napoles’ posh lifestyle triggers online rage

Jeane Napoles
Jeane Napoles

Pictures of Jeane Napoles sparks online outrage among netizens due to her luxurious lifestyle. Jeane Napoles is the daughter of businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles tagged as the alleged mastermind behind the P10-billion pork barrel and Malampaya scam.

Jeane Napoles
Jeane Napoles

The younger Napoles has deleted her Instagram account showing photos of Porsche cars, designer bags, shoes and jewelry her parents bought for her.

In a report by ABS-CBN News, a video clip from Vimeo has been uploaded in YouTube publicly showing how she spend her 21st birthday party at Beverly Hills.

On the other hand, Janet Napoles confirmed the authenticity of the cars and luxurious items her daughter owns and further defended that these were paid using money earned by their legitimate business ventures.

Some netizens expressed their disgust over Napole’s flaunting of wealth


  1. Puro na lang comments ang nagyayari dito, why not do something? Can we have US govt officials intervene with this problem? We need US military troops to eradicate all these crooks!!!! Hope this will be done! I am so pissed really about how these crooks are living luxuriously while our poor people don’t even have benefits from the govt. Can you stand poor families living in slum areas where they don’t even have good sanitation, no food to eat and no descent clothes to wear?. Those children in the streets peddling just to get some money for their starving families are pitiful.

    I bet when all these crooks get sick , they all go to high end hospitals with VIP treatments, what about those poor families? They end up dying coz there are no patient’s rights in the Phils. In US all patients have “Patient’s Bill of rights. In U.S., if there is a life threatening emergencies, everybody gets to be treated immediately regardless of sex, gender, religion or race. In the Philippines, people die coz they have no means of paying.This is sooo sickening to just leave our poor fellow men live in a situation like they have now.

    Pollution is everywhere in the Phils. Why? Our government can’t afford to maintain good sanitation due to lack of funds. All funds are all pocketed by these crooked officials.Let us face it, these gov’t officials can’t govern our country. We need U.S. to help change our poor economy. We want these crooks to give all the money that they squandered from our taxpayers! Hope they will all seize all their properties and assets and sell them to make use in helping our poor people back home.

    My husband and I were contemplating to retire back home but we decided not to anymore after having heard all these scams. This is not for us. We decided to stay here in U.S. coz the government is for the people’s welfare. Poor people here in U.S. get monetary assistance from the govt. They are provided with housing based on their income.
    They are entitled to medical benefits called, “MISP” (Medically Indigent Service Program). It is free of charge when they are hospitalized. This is where the U.S taxpayers go.
    What about Philippines? Taxpayers pay for all the luxurious and lavish lifestyles of all these involved in the Pork Barrel Scam! I am so pissed!!! Thank God I am no longer a Filipino citizen. Don’t get me wrong, I love our country coz it is such a beautiful country full of natural resources and beautiful sceneries but I hate the government system big time!!!

    I bet all these scammers like Napoles’ family and all those posted by an anonymous will be phased out! I bet Napoles will be acquitted coz she is connected to all these crook judges and high ranking officials. The end result is, Filipinos will go on and live the way they are used to living. Poor Filipinos, we feel for you!! Speak up and do something!!!

    • PUNYATERA! E kung ikaw kaya magtrabaho ng pagkatagal-tagal, tas magbabayad pa ng tax, tas pag retired ka na HALOS WALA MANG BENEFITS.

      Kaibigan mo yan no? Punyeta, magsama kayong dalawa!

  2. Look Philippines! This is where you tax money go! Thank your idiotic senators for allowing this! More actors and actresses in the senate! Then make a MMFF film! Bullshit.

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