Chichay, Joaquin Breakup Scene in G2B Trends Worldwide

Chichay, Joaquin Breakup Scene in G2B Trends Worldwide

GOT TO BELIEVE. Chichay, Joaquin Breakup Scene in G2B Trends Worldwide.

A heart-breaking scene in the hit primetime series “Got to Believe” wherein Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo) is shown breaking up with Joaquin (Daniel Padilla) dominated social media conversations Tuesday, making it the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter worldwide.

After learning that the only way to let Joaquin comply to his worsening condition, an emotional Chichay chose to part ways from him, making the January 21 episode of the series worth watching.

Going against the wishes of his mom, Juliana (Carmina Villaroel), Joaquin refused to leave Chichay, even as he continues to suffer from the effects of a bullet lodged in his head since he was a child.

Chichay, on the other hand, stuck with her desire to help Joaquin with his condition by pretending she no longer loves him and that of their relationship are all hallucination brought about by his condition.

“Nasa isip mo lang ‘yan! Umalis ka na!” Chichay tells a confused Joaquin, pushing him away. “Joaquin, makinig ka. Wala nang tayo, matagal na… Hindi na kita mahal.”

On Twitter, as the scene aired, netizens tuned in to “Got to Believe” aired their reactions, making several terms related to the series trend locally and worldwide.

Chichay, Joaquin Breakup Scene in G2B Trends Worldwide

Chichay, Joaquin Breakup Scene in G2B Trends Worldwide 2

The episode’s official hashtag, “#G2BUntilThen,” reached No. 1 in the list of worldwide trending topics on the micro-blogging site. “Joaquin” and “Puro G2B” also made it to the list, after trending in the Philippines.

This isn’t the first time the primetime series dominated Twitter conversations, as its official hashtag consistently tops local trends during an episode’s airing.

It occasionally makes the worldwide trends, usually when a pivotal scene involving the lead stars is shown.

New chapter

Meanwhile, a new character is about to invade the tandem of Bernardo and Padilla in the hit primetime series.

As shown in the teaser, Young actress Liza Soberano is set to create a love triangle on the series. She was introduced as the new love interest of Joaquin (Padilla), who seems to have forgotten about Chichay (Bernardo) after he underwent major operation to remove bullet from his head.


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