Aldrich Lloyd Talonding on The Ellen DeGeneres show

Aldrich Lloyd Talonding on The Ellen DeGeneres show

Aldrich Lloyd Talonding on Ellen DeGeneres show

Aldrich Lloyd Talonding, the young boy from the Philippines who sang the popular Luther Vandross’ song, “Dance With My Father Again” was invited on The Ellen DeGeneres show.

A big chance of visiting Ellen DeGeneres, the award-winning talk show host in the U.S., was addressed to Aldrich Lloyd Talonding of General Santos City, Philippines.

The well-known American TV host has seen the video of this boy with his soulful rendition of “Dance With My Father” with his cousin James Walter Bucong who is playing the guitar.

During the April 30 episode of the show, Ellen showed the short clip of Aldrich to her audience and said, “Last week, I saw a video of this young man. He’s from the Philippines and you gotta see this kid, amazing.”

“How beautiful is that? Such soul in that little boy so I’m looking for you. Please come here and sing to me and all of my friends here. You’re amazing,” she added.

The endorsement was posted on the website of Ellen with the caption: “This amazing web video surfaced from the Philippines, and Ellen was blown away by this young man’s moving performance. Check it out!”

The men and women of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” are now working so hard to bring Aldrich Lloyd Talonding to the U.S. to sing in front of the award-winning talk show host.

Aldrich is the fourth aspiring Filipino singer who was invited by Ellen to perform on her show. Charice Pempengco, Rhap Salazar, and Zendee Rose Tenerefe were the first three Filipino aspiring singers who showcased their exceptional talent in the world.


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